Terra Steward Energy Group (TSEG)

Terra Steward Energy Group is a fully integrated renewable energy company. Through our subsidiaries, we are focused on energy efficient solutions for commercial, industrial and residential customers across the United States. We believe that TSEG is uniquely positioned to change the way we power our businesses and communities.

Solar and energy storage are growing quickly, but the industries are fragmented and have low market penetration. With over 105 years of energy generation and energy storage experience, TSEG is well positioned to grow market share and become an industry leader. TSEG is poised to serve the entire renewable marketplace from development and EPC services, to carport structure supply and installation, and EV/ES solutions for both residential and commercial customers.

Diversified products and services

  • Focus on technology integration yielding customized solutions: we develop, design, finance, install, and manage renewable energy systems
  • Experienced management and workforce- diverse experience platform – construction, real estate, finance, engineering, system design, asset development
  • Proprietary, pre-engineered, custom-designed car port products allowing for quick installation and lower project cost, custom turn-key solutions
  • Scalable NiZn battery technology that is compact, wall mountable, multi-function, bi-directional and safer than lithium battery power systems.

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